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The Best Ways To Beat Work Stress


The Best Ways To Beat Work Stress
Life can get really stressful, especially when deadlines are looming and the work piles up. Personally, I don't mind hard work. But I hate it when time ticks by, stress builds up, and sleepless nights occur. I also hate procrastinating (which I do very well!) so here are some tips on how I beat work stress.

1. Place important events/days/deadlines into a yearly diary and make an achievable timeline, with long-term goals and short-term strategies.

2. Keep regular To-Do Lists that contain immediate tasks and up-coming objectives. This helps me work out which tasks are easy/stress-free/short-term and which tasks need more attention. I love ticking things off my list. So satisfying and keeps me focused!

3. Give yourself an hour per day to stay on top of emails/phone calls/meetings/general everyday work. Sometimes this occurs during my lunch hour, so that I can leave work at a reasonable time each day.

4. Ensure that gym sessions, massages, doctors' appointments and weekend fun with friends are also regularly placed into the diary. Also try to eat organic, drink fresh juices/smoothies and staying healthy during this time, so that you don't get run down.
Here are some more tips and tricks on managing work-related stress by The American Psychological Association. It's a great article with lots of handy hints.

Love, Elle xo
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