Tuesday, 14 January 2014

My Travel Must Haves


My Travel Must Haves
Whenever I fly inter-state or overseas, I always remember these travel essentials...

The Pashmina
I love an oversized scarf and the fact that it has so many uses when travelling. I love neutral colours like black, navy, grey, cream and white.

The Plaid or Chambray Shirt
Tucked into a pair of jeans, a shirt always looks great.

The Oversized Cardigan 
A long simple cardigan is essential after a long flight, and can be easily thrown over the shoulders when the weather is cool.

The Sunglasses
A pair of oversized aviators are great for hiding those tired eyes after a long flight.

The T-shirt
A loose tee with short or three-quarter length sleeves is definitely essential. Again, I prefer white and grey, with or without a statement logo.

The Blazer
A little jacket or blazer can smarten up a pair of jeans, boots and tee, ensuring that you look and feel great when you step off the plane.

The Oversized Tote
A smart tote is brilliant for magazines, a good book, hand cream, a bottle of water, a little snack, a pair of ballet flats, an ipad, camera and mobile phone. Think Givenchy, Prada and Saint Laurent.

The Faux-Fur Gilet 
Terrific for a cold airport.

A Face Serum
A good hydrating serum is essential and I love Obagi's Professional C Serum. And I drink lots of water.

I prefer having my own headphones rather than using those provided by the airline.

A Sleeping Mask

A sleeping mask helps melatonin production and encourages a more peaceful sleep.


Taking a supplement is important to protect the body from the recycled airin the plane, fight airborne bugs from other passengers and recover more quickly from jet lag. 500mg of Vitamin C before flying and 500mg midflight is important. And 200mg of resveratrol (which is full of antioxidants and fights the ageing process) mid-flight is essential.

Happy travelling!

Love, Elle xo
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