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How I Cleanse My Face


How I Cleanse My Face

I take my time. I see lots of friends cleaning their faces way too quickly. I like to spend a couple of minutes massaging my cleanser into the skin and then let it sit on my face for another 30 seconds. And I always gently cleanse my skin all the way to the ears and hairline.

I try not to over cleanse. Every skin is different, and it's important not to be too harsh on your skin. I like a deep cleanse at night, but some people prefer to do that in the mornings.

I cleanse at the sink. A make-up artist once told me never to do a deep cleanse in the shower, as the water actually makes the face too slippery for the cleanser to work effectively.

I double cleanse. To make my skin super-clean (but not stripped of its natural oils), I take my make-up off with facial wipes, then cleanse my skin twice. Once with a facial oil. Then with a gentle foaming cleanser. My face always feels better after a double cleanse, especially after a long day, or a work-out.

 I go from warm to hot. It's best to gradually expose the skin to hot water by gently splashing luke-warm water onto the face as your shower heats up. This stops the skin from becoming tight and dry afterwards.

Finally, I cool it. At the end of my cleansing regime, I always splash cool water onto my face to close my pores. And I pat (never rub) my face dry to help circulation.

Have a beautiful day!

Love, Elle xo
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