Sunday, 21 July 2013

Improving My Sleep


Improving My Sleep

Everyone knows that I am a really light sleeper, and I'm always working on getting more sleep. Being a teacher/model/blogger, I constantly have a lot of different things on the go. And I often find myself running late in the mornings, usually grabbing a quick cup of coffee before rushing off to work. So, I've been reading about how to improve my sleeping habits, and here are some cool ideas.

1. Stop working in bed. I leave my laptop, phone and ipad in the lounge room at night, and put my work back into my bag before I go to bed. All electronic devices emit a 'blue-ray' that disrupts the brain's melatonin at night, and this is a big no-no.

2. Keep my diary, post-it notes and a pen beside my bed so that when an idea/thought/worry enters my mind, I can simply write it down and go back to sleep.

3. Open the window just a little. Even though it's Winter, I find that having the window open just a little bit keeps the room cool, which helps me sleep.

4. Take a calcium and magnesium supplement in the evenings. These vitamins help the body and mind relax and enter that deep sleep phase at night.

5. Take melatonin before sleeping. Melatonin is a wonderful natural sedative that relaxes the brain, and allows the body get ready for sleep.

6. Exercise. Lack of sleep makes the body feel really hungry, so exercise is super-duper-important. The body needs to release all that energy, anxiety and stress that builds up throughout the day, and exercise is a great way to release that tension. Depending on how busy I am, I exercise before or after work, but not right before bed.

Some easy tips for a better sleep... gotta love that!

Love, Elle xo
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