Friday, 5 July 2013

Listen To Your Inner Voice


There are times when life decides to throw us some curve balls. Just to see if we're truly paying attention. For me, these curveballs usually happen around the time when I'm rushing madly completing deadlines, organising others, rushing to conferences, and generally trying to do everything at once for other people (who don't essentially matter at all). An incident happened in June that made me pay attention to life and how fragile it is. It made me remember the importance of living in the moment. Instead of constantly being busy, life told me to enjoy the 'now'. Instead of worrying about 'stuff', the universe reminded me to be grateful for today and to stop listening to the white noise of other people. Learn to trust your own inner voice. It will never lie to you. It will never betray you. Instead; let it guide you to everything that is important in your life.

Love, Elle xo
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