Thursday, 24 January 2013

Blonde Moment


Each January, I usually hit the stores and grab quite a few bargains that I often share on Impossibly Blonde, or on Instagram or Twitter. But this year, I haven't really felt the need to buy anything in particular. Instead, I re-organised my wardrobes into categories (shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, jackets, coats, etc) and added hooks inside the doors for belts,scarves and necklaces. Evening wear and long coats were dry cleaned and put into zipped hanging bags. Knits and jeans were all folded on shelves. Bracelets and cuffs were placed inside jewellery compartments in the drawers. Heels, sandals and boots now live in clear shoe boxes in one wardrobe, with a polaroid of each pair of shoes on the front. And the things that I didn't want any more went to charity or were sold on Ebay. For those who know me, I'm naturally a messy person, and I've been working on creating a more organised living space. So, January 2013 has been lots of surf, sun and sand, and less shopping the sales. (Although, I can't make any promises during February!)

Love, Elle xo
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