Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Using Hair Extensions When Modelling




When working for a client, whether it's a fruit juice company advertising a new product, or a clothing brand launching a new line, the thing to remember that the client always comes first. They take everything into account... your height, hair, body type, personality, shoe size, even eye colour. The client usually gives you a uniform (or a debrief on what to wear) and you're set. I usually bring a small make-up case with me that carries a mascara, blush, bronzer, fake eyelashes, hairbrush, hair elastics, hairspray, shine serum, bobby pins and hair extensions. Even though I have long hair, the client may want something special, and that's where extra eyelashes and hair come in handy. My all-time FAVE eyelashes are the Ardell lashes in #110 Demi Black. These lashes look so natural, and I usually cut them in half and put them on the outer corner of each eye. You can buy Ardell anywhere online, or here's their website- ArdellLashes My fave extensions are these amazing Clip In Extensions There are so many gorgeous styles. I love the fact that they give extra length or volume, and stay completely hidden. Personally, I prefer clip ins because I only want extensions for certain occasions, not everyday. I promise, you will spend hours and hours browsing the buyhair website.
Extra Tip: Whenever you have done your hair, smooth the mid lengths with a drop of shine serum. Your extensions will look better and last longer.

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